VIRTLANTIS is a free and open virtual world resource and community of practice for language learners and teachers worldwide. Since 2006, we have offered and facilitated a variety of language learning activities in the virtual worlds of >>Second Life<< | >>Kitely<< | >>OpenSim<< and elsewhere - free of charge. We are now also active in browser based worlds such as: >>FrameVR<<|>>Mozilla Hubs<< and >>Spatial<<.
Community members benefit from free access to virtual classroom environments and numerous other educational tools - as well as an ability to tap into the experience and knowledge of more seasoned virtual world learning facilitators.

We aim to continue to connect language learners and teachers who wish to explore the many incredible possibilities and benefits which come with immersive virtual world learning environments - and to help fast-track educators so they can more easily make use of such tools.All languages and subjects are welcome - because ultimately language is used in the teaching of most all subjects.

Support is provided on an as-needed basis, and everything is free - no strings attached.Financial support for VIRTLANTIS primarily comes from the >>Oxford School for English<<, a language school located in Austria and Germany - with numerous online offerings.

Community members are welcome to donate, but all resources and support will remain free of charge and donations are totally voluntary and are not actively elicited. It's the Oxford School's gift to language learners and teachers. Come speak with the world!

You'll find all the needed links and info to get started above in the site menu. Should you have any questions, feel free to >>contact us for additional support<<.